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Radiation Safety Training

The radiation warning symbol first appeared at the University of California (Berkeley) Radiation Laboratory in 1946.

  • Developed to inform non-radiology personnel
  • Able to complete in 15 minutes
  • Examines hazards, effects, and protection against various forms of radiation in the workplace
  • Reading and test access from any computer
  • Complete in the hospital or at home – anywhere
  • Course developed by CE provider to imaging techs
Step 1 – Download the reading

Download the Radiation Safety Reading. This is a 10-page PDF that may be viewed solely online or printed for your convenience. Review the information.
Radiation Safety Reading

Step 2 – Take the test

When ready, click on your place of employment below to take the 5-question completion test. You and your place of employment will be emailed immediate results of your test. A score of 80% (4 out of 5 questions) is needed to successfully pass the training and receive the certificate. If you do not pass the test, re-review the information and take the test again at your convenience. NOTE – the Radiation Safety Reading may be referred to during the test, but both the order of questions and possible answers are randomized for each attempt.
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