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Anatomy for Xray Course
12 cat A credits – $49

E-book: Anatomy for X-Ray Specialists (X-Ray and Radiology), Kindle Ed

ARRT12 category A credits
CaliforniaAccepted for CRTs, XTs, and supervisors / operators
TexasDirectly Related
FloridaTechnical Category
ARDMSNot accepted

E-book must be purchased separately for this course – only $4.99. This course covers the anatomical make-up of the human body – both in form and function. It is specifically designed for imaging techs of any modality covering a variety of topics including: a general overview of anatomy to cover body planes, an overview of radiographic terms, basic biology, and common fractures, all aspects of regional osteology, and the body’s various systems demonstrated in imaging studies.

Step 1 – Purchase the course
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Purchase E-book separately
very affordable – only $4.99
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then purchase extra post-test
  • Extra post-test
Post-test (E-book not included)
Price: $49
Step 2 – Download the post-test

Download – and print – the post-test. Take it at your own pace.
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Step 3 – Submit the post-test

Submit the post-test answers for instant grading and CE certificate using the password found in your email receipt. The results and certificate are also immediately emailed to you.
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Reporting CE credits to the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists)
  1. Go to ARRT.ORG and login (create an online account if needed).
  2. Report your CE credits as you renew your license – there will be a notice in your account if your CE credits are coming due (toward the end of your ARRT biennium).
  3. All the information needed to report your credits will be found on your RADUNITS CE certificate – you do not need to send them the actual certificate (if done online). Need another certificate copy? Let us know on the Request Certificate Copy page – or by calling 812-250-9729.